COVID-19 Testing, Treatment & Vaccination Clinic Information

Last Updated: 07/21/2022

COVID-19 Testing

Testing is available in many locations throughout Connecticut. Anyone experiencing symptoms should contact their primary care provider. Anyone who does not have a primary care provider should call 2-1-1 or visit the CT Testing Locator to locate the nearest testing site. Tests are available free of charge.

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Launching Into Healthy - 2022-2023 School Guidance:

The Connecticut Department of Public Health, the State Department of Education, and the Office of Early Childhood have collaborated on the release of new school guidance entitled “Launching into Healthy Learning” for the 2022—2023 school year.

iHealth COVID-19 Test Kits 

On July 8, 2022, the FDA granted another three-month shelf-life extension for the iHealth COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test, which extended the shelf-life of all iHealth tests from 6 months to 12 months. If you have an iHealth COVID-19 you can visit  to learn your new expiration date and see the announcement. 

COVID-19 Test to Treat Initiative 

- More than 40 “Test to Treat” sites are open in Connecticut, offering individuals an important way to rapidly access free treatment for COVID-19, according to the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

Through the newly launched nationwide Test to Treat initiative, people can get tested and – if they are positive and treatments are appropriate for them – fill a prescription from a health care provider, all in one location. Connecticut currently has these Test to Treat sites, located at select pharmacies, urgent care centers, and federally qualified health centers. 

Click here to review the full press release and details specific to the treatment centers. 


For immediate assistance with questions related to COVID-19, please visit one of the following links below:

For questions on quarantine and isolation periods, visit: COVID-19 Quarantine and Isolation | CDC

For questions on vaccinated, and unvaccinated, close contacts, visit: Appendices | CDC

For questions on booster shots, please visit: COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shots | CDC

For questions on small and large gatherings, visit: Small and Large Gatherings | CDC

For questions on travel guidelines, visit: Travel | CDC

For questions on COVID-19 symptoms, visit: Symptoms of COVID-19 | CDC

For questions on COVID-19 testing, visit: COVID-19 Testing: What You Need to Know | CDC

For assistance finding a COVID-19 diagnostic test, visit: 2-1-1 Connecticut (

For questions on COVID-19 mitigation strategies, visit: Prevent Getting Sick | CDC

For questions related to the Omicron Variant, visit: Omicron Variant: What You Need to Know | CDC

There have been some recent updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding quarantine guidelines. Previously, it was recommended that fully vaccinated individuals get tested 3-5 days after being exposed to a person with COVID-19. Based on evolving evidence, CDC recommends fully vaccinated people get tested 5-7 days after close contact with a person with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. . 

Who is Currently Eligible for the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Beginning May 13th, all individuals 12 years of age and older are eligible to receive vaccine.

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    Current Eligibility Details

    Children and teens ages 12 to 17 are eligible to receive the Pfizer vaccine:
    •  At this time, only the Pfizer vaccine has been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in children ages 12 and older. The Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are authorized for use in adults 18 and older.

    Health insurance and a state-issued ID are NOT required to receive vaccine:

    •  You will NOT be turned away if you do not have health insurance or an ID.
    An appointment is NOT required to receive vaccine:
    • Many clinics in the state allow individuals to walk-up during certain hours to receive a vaccine. Click here to view a list of vaccine clinics that allow walk-up vaccination.

    For more information on vaccine eligibility and requirements, check out these frequently asked questions

Homebound Individuals

Individuals who are medically or physically unable to leave their home to receive a COVID-19 vaccine can register their need for in-home vaccination.

Announcement Date: 
Wednesday, December 30, 2020