Temporary Food Events

Planning a food event that will serve food to the public?

If yes, you need to obtain a temporary food permit. This will help protect your group from the consequences of a foodborne outbreak among attendees. Groups such as community organizations, churches or other groups including schools that plan to hold an event that will sell or serve food to the general public must obtain a TEMPORARY FOOD SERVICE LICENSE from QVHD. Examples include bazaars, community picnics, strawberry festivals, fairs or any fundraising event where food is served to the public. Two weeks time is required to process the license, so be sure to plan ahead! Failure to obtain a license may result in the shutting down of your event. Proper food handling, cooking and storage are essential for preventing food- borne illness.

More information can be found here:

Temporary Food Service Compliance Guide

Application for a Temporary Food Service License can be found here:

Temporary Food Event License Application

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