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Safe Storage & Disposal: Protecting Yourself, Others & Our Environment

April 15, 2019

Safe Storage & Disposal: Protecting Yourself, Others & The Environment

Whether it’s ibuprofen to relieve the occasional headache, or Benadryl to alleviate those stubborn seasonal allergies, we all have medications in our home. Medications have become a norm in today’s society but many still fail to recognize that all medications pose risks, especially when it comes to child safety. Think about it: in a child’s world, medications seem like candy, consumed at random times throughout the day for no true, recognizable reason. Conversations on the dangers of prescription medications need to be a standard in every household, highlighting that meds are to be taken only by the person they were prescribed for and only when advised by a medical professional.

YOU, however, have the power to protect your household with the following tips: 1) Safely store all medications; whether prescription, over the counter, herbals, vitamins or supplements in a safe and secure location. 2) Only keep small amounts of medications accessible at all times (for example: don’t leave the bulk sized bottle of Aleve on the kitchen counter) 3) Properly dispose of all unneeded, expired or unwanted medications on a regular basis. National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is a bi-annual event, that takes place the last Saturday in April & October. The North Haven Substance Abuse Action Council will be at Fire Headquarters, 11 Broadway in North Haven, on Saturday, April 27th, from 10AM-2PM collecting any and all unwanted medications for free, no questions asked. If you can’t make it, please take advantage of your local medication drop boxes available in the lobbies of police stations year-round, no questions asked. QVHD thanks you for joining in our efforts of protecting not only our residents from the dangers of prescription medications but our environment too!