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Disconnect and Spend Some Time Outside!

July 10, 2019

 Our column is called QVHD Connections, but this month we, the health promotion staff at QVHD are writing about disconnecting. You may be asking yourself, “what?”. We live in a world where a lot of things are instant—text messaging, sharing photos online, mashed potatoes! Laugh out loud at that last one, but it highlights how fast we can move from one task to another, maybe without pausing to be present. This month, let’s change that! Summer is in full swing. The kids are off from school, the weather is warmer, it’s actually light out past 7:00 PM. When was the last time you spent time outside? And no, we don’t mean the walk from your car to your office or the store. We mean real time outside, enjoying the sunlight, fresh air and your surroundings? If it’s been a while since you’ve done this, allow yourself to indulge and spend some time outside. Have a mini staycation in your yard or public park with a towel, good book and a nice cold glass of water. Allow yourself to be present with your surroundings and enjoy a slowed down pace from your non-stop schedule. Not only can this be relaxing, but good for your mental health too. Be creative with how you spend your time outside. You can garden, take a walk, head to the beach—anything that sounds appealing to you. To really take advantage of being outside, disconnect from social media and your cell phone if you can. You’d be surprised how refreshing it is to not look at a computer or phone screen for an hour or so. We hope that this has inspired you to disconnect and spend some time outside. If you already do, GREAT, keep it up! If this is something you will add to your schedule, let us know! We want to hear from you and how you disconnected and spent some time outside. Find us on social media and comment or share a picture (Facebook: @Quinnipiack Valley Health District; Twitter: @QVHD). One final thought, make sure to wear sunscreen and/or insect repellant and keep hydrated if it’s hot out. Enjoy disconnecting and being outside!