Thursday, October 27, 2022

Quinnipiack Valley Health District
A Regional Health Department Serving Bethany, Hamden, North Haven and Woodbridge, CT
1151 Hartford Turnpike . North Haven . CT . 06473 . tel (203) 248-4528 . fax (203) 248-6671 .
Thursday, October 27, 2022

(Remote Meeting Via Zoom) 4:30 pm - Regular Board of Directors Meeting

Present: P. Sandor, S. Yarbrough , A. Levison
Absent: K. Blake, J. Nuzzolillo, C. Lewis, J. O’Neil St. Peter, E. Thornquist, C. Goldberg, R. Ivins, P. Marone, R. Martinello, J. Donaldson
Staff: R. Hamilton, K. Wolujewicz, A. Mulvihill, L. Fox, J. Laudano, K. Amodio, M. Mocarski

Acting Director of Health’s comments
R. Hamilton, started the meeting at 4:35 pm. Due to the fact that there was not a quorum of Board members representing 3 towns present, a vote on the approval of the September 22, 2022 Board meeting minutes or the financial report did not take place.
R. Hamilton thanked those in attendance and welcomed K. Wolujewicz who will return to her Director of Health position on Wednesday, November 2, 2022. K. Wolujewicz thanked R. Hamilton for her Acting Director of Health coverage.
Financial Report
L. Altieri reviewed her finance report and provided updates on the outstanding grant funds delayed at the CTDPH. CTDPH Per Capita funds have come in as well as 2nd quarter payments from Bethany, Hamden and North Haven. We are waiting for the payment from Woodbridge.
Committee Reports:
Finance – no report
SBHC Liaisons – no report
By-Laws – no report
Special Projects Committee – no report
Personnel Committee – no report
Administrative Reports:
Director of Health:
R. Hamilton highlighted the below:
• A record disposition authorization has been completed to obtain approval for disposition of public records.
• The cleaning of heating vents continues throughout the building. A duct cleaning company has been contracted to clean the air conditioning vents in December. K. Amodio shared that the ceiling leaks were observed during last week’s heavy rains reminding us that there is a flat roof in certain areas. K. Amodio also spoke to the issue of
the sinking storm drains.
• Bivalent booster clinics hosted by QVHD will continue until November 17, 2022.
• Several QVHD staff have received training in QPR (Question, Persuade and Refer). QVHD is offering these 2-hour trainings with high school students to raise awareness about suicide prevention. A. Levison mentioned the new suicide and crisis lifeline, 988. R. Hamilton indicated that this can be added to the QVHD website. P. Sandor suggested that QVHD reach out to universities to offer the training to college students. A. Mulvihill agreed that these students would be another good audience to receive training.
The full report has been placed on file.
Community Health:
A. Mulvihill highlighted the below community health activities:
• QVHD’s 2021-2022 Annual Report was completed and sent to Board members.
• The Town of North Haven Medication Take Back Day will take place on October 29, 2022 from 10 – 2 pm at the North Haven Fire Headquarters.
The full report has been placed on file.
Environmental Health:
L. Fox highlighted the below environmental health activities:
• L. Fox mentioned that J. Laudano found an app that will convert large format drawings, floor plans, and engineer plans into a pdf to be able to upload into our software system. The Sanitarians have begun school inspections. L. Fox shared that K. Amodio is on the CT Environmental Health Association Lead Housing Advisory Committee. Changes to the CT childhood lead regulations will take into effect January 1, 2023. The reduced blood lead levels will now align with federal standards of blood lead levels that triggers parental notification and education as well as environmental investigations. K. Amodio mentioned outreach should be conducted to landlords and property managers to educate and inform them of the upcoming changes to the childhood lead regulations. J. Laudano agreed that we must be proactive in the public health response to childhood lead poisoning.
The full report has been placed on file.
Any Other Business Approved by Vote of the Board:
A motion to adjourn was made by R. Hamilton at 5:20 pm.