Thursday, January 23, 2020

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Click here to download a PDF version of Thursday, January 23, 2020 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Quinnipiack Valley Health District

Board of Directors Meeting

January 23, 2020 4:30 PM

Present:  J. Donaldson, A. Levison, C. Lewis, W. Kohlhepp, R. Ivins

Go To Meeting: J. Solimene

Ex Officio:  R. Matheny, Staff: A. Mulvihill, L. Fox,

Absent:  C. Goldberg, J. St. Peter, R. Martinello, P. Marone 

President’s Comments

President Donaldson declared a quorum at 4:40 PM and welcomed Chante-Colleen Lewis, Hamden’s new Board of Director member.

Introduction of Interim Director of Health

President Donaldson welcomed Richard H. Matheny, Jr., QVHD’s Interim Director of Health.  R. Matheny provided a binder with meeting materials for each Board member, which was well received. R. Ivins asked that meeting materials be sent digitally via e-mail as well.

Approval of December 5, 2019 Regular Meeting Minutes

A motion was made by W. Kohlhepp seconded by R. Ivins to accept the December 5, 2019 minutes. The motion passed with one abstention (J. Solimene)

Approval of December 26, 2019 Special Meeting Minutes

A motion was made by R. Ivins seconded by W. Kohlhepp to accept the December 26, 2019 minutes. The motion passed.

Financial Report

A new format for presenting the financial report was provided. Board members expressed they liked the new format and prefer it going forward with one addition of a percentage of annual budget column.

A motion was made by W. Kohlhepp to place the financial report on file seconded by A. Levison.  Voted unanimously.

A discussion of the past due payment from Hamden for FY 18-19.

Committee Reports

By-laws- no update

Personnel- no update

Search committee- W. Kohlhepp shared the search committee for the Director of Health opening has 6 names of individuals which they plan to invite for an interview.

Administrative Reports

Community Engagement Activity Report (Click here)

Environmental Health Activity  Report (Click here)

Director of Health Report 

Board members expressed a need for a Board of Directors Workshop or additional meeting to address the items in R. Matheny’s report.

A motion to adjourn was made at 6:20 PM by B. Kohlhepp, seconded by A. Levison and voted unanimously. 

Respectfully submitted,


Richard H. Matheny, Jr.