Thursday, March 30, 2023

(Remote Meeting Via Zoom)
4:30 pm - Regular Board of Directors Meeting 


Present:  C. Goldberg, J. Donaldson, P. Sandor, C. Lewis, A. Levison, E. Thornquist, S. Yarbrough 

Absent:  K. Blake, J. Nuzzolillo, J. O’Neil St. Peter, P. Marone, R. Ivins, R. Martinello 

Staff:  R. Matheny, L. Altieri, A. Mulvihill, J. Laudano, R. Currier, M. Mocarski 

President’s comments

C. Goldberg, President, started the meeting at 4:33 p.m.  C. Goldberg thanked those who were able to attend the meeting and contributed their input.  

C. Goldberg noted that the search for a new Health Director for QVHD is underway. 

The first set of interviews will be completed next week.  The Search Committee will review the list of finalists.  The Search Committee is aware of the concerns of the QVHD Staff members.  They will try to find someone who is: from Connecticut and is familiar with Connecticut Law and Statues, has an appreciation for community involvement and will be made aware that QVHD has a small staff without a lot of departments.


Approval of January 26, 2023  Board Meeting Minutes

A motion was made by C. Lewis, seconded by A. Levison to approve the January 26, 2023 Board Meeting Minutes.  The motion to accept the minutes passed.


Financial Report

L. Altieri reviewed the monthly financial report. 

We received 75% of the revenue from the towns and 100% of the CT Per Capita. 

It was noted that the following expenses are higher:

-          Legal and Professional Fee - due to the Union Contract negotiation.

-          Continuing Education - staff needed to attend training courses.  We will budget for more money next year.

-          Printing - permits and envelopes were printed 

P. Sandor inquired if we were on track to stay within our budget and L. Altieri agreed that we are. 

A motion was made by A. Levison, seconded by P. Sandor, to place the financial report on file. The motion passed unanimously.


Proposed Budget for next year 

We are on track with the Budget for the Public Hearing in April 2023.

C. Goldberg thanked P. Marone, R. Matheny and L. Altieri for their work on it. 

L. Altieri stated:

-          Revenue is based on $7.20 times the 2021 census population for the amount from the Towns.

-          Per capita is based on last year’s numbers because we will not have the new rate until July 2023.

-          We have a rebate of $1000 from CIRMA which is listed under miscellaneous revenue.

-          The following expenses are higher:

            -Certified Mail increased

            -Medical Insurance increased 7.1 %

-          Licenses and fees are based on actuals from the prior year’s numbers.

-          Reserve is the difference in income received and expenses we are going to spend. 

R. Matheny stated that if we enter a MOU with other towns, we may lose $17,000.

The Itinerant Licenses were reduced 50% to $7,500 

A Website development fee will be added. 

P. Sandor inquired about the Budget Audit. 

R. Matheny stated:

-          The audit report is a draft report. The Board has to accept or reject it.  The board doesn’t have the authority to approve/disapprove it.

-          Once accepted, the auditor must provide a copy to the Office of Management and Town Clerk of North Haven. 

            This should have taken place by Dec 31, 2022.

-          There have been three extensions.  R. Matheny urged to move forward with the Auditor Report. 

L. Altieri thinks G. Sinnamon did not request an extension and that we only have until March. 

P. Sandor indicated that on the “Management’s Discussion and Analysis” - June 30, 2021, there are several discrepancies. 

A few examples are below: 

Pg 6

Current Liabilities:

$149,828   + $741,491 

Total Liabilities: does not = $149,828 

Page 7

Last line – the numbers are not correct.

Budgeted expenditures for the 2022/22 fiscal year are $2.120.350, an increase of 14.6% from the actual amount of $1,850,25 in 2021/22 

Page 13 & 34


L. Altieri will review the report and ask G. Sinnamon to submit another extension.  

C. Goldberg has concerns about the approval of this budget.  Therefore, a “Special Meeting” will be scheduled to discuss the budget further.

She stated that she wants to add the website development upgrade into the budget and an increase in salaries. 


Administrative Reports:

Director of Health:  R. Matheny, Acting Director highlighted the topics below. 

The OD2A Grant ends on August 31, 2023, and K. Sepulveda will likely be leaving the district at that time.  She established QVHD as a regional leader in the battle against opioid addiction and has been an integral part of the Community Health Program. 

The ELC2 Grant ends on February 29, 2024.  However, the fulltime manager, Marissa Mocarski, will be leaving the position at the end of May 2023.  The position will be difficult to fill for a 7-month period and any money that was received and not spent will most likely need to be returned to the state. 

L. Fox and R. Matheny worked on revisions to the QVHD Environmental Health Regulations, Title D, “Regulation for the Licensing of Food Establishment,” and Title K, “Regulation Pertaining to Salons and Spas Related Certification Requirements, Fees and Penalties.”  They are ready for the Board’s approval. 

All of the Bethany and Woodbridge Street files have been scanned and uploaded to the QVHD website and will be ready for public view soon. 

We have been receiving numerous F.O.I. requests for copies of housing complaints, inspections, and Notices of Violations that are taking a substantial amount of the secretary’s time to fulfill.

More money needs to be added to the Budget for global search. 

The full report has been placed on file. 

Community Health:   A. Mulvihill, Director of Community Programs highlighted the topics below. 

The majority of A. Mulvihill’s time this past month has been responding to active Tuberculosis (TB) cases. This has been a time-consuming, labor-intensive task. In response to the new TB cases, A. Mulvihill read a statement requesting that the Board of Directors develop and implement an OSHA compliant employee health and respiratory protection personnel policy. QVHD needs to ensure that health and safety is upheld for all staff members who may be exposed to conditions of public health significance, especially active Tuberculosis during in person response. 

C. Goldberg agreed that Medical Clearance and N95 mask fittings are needed while monitoring the TB patient’s intake of medication. 

P. Sandor will arrange for a medical professional to do the N95 Fit Testing and Training

S. Yarbrough will spear head the project for composing a policy for QVHD staff. 

A. Mulvihill developed a Tick Submission Procedure for QVHD’s new service of submitting ticks for testing and obtained all related materials for the procedure.  QVHD can mail the tick at the town resident’s request ($10 fee - plus a service fee depending on payment type). 

A. Mulvihill and R. Matheny met with Dr. Scott Williams, Chief Scientist and Head at The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES).  Dr. Williams is seeking residents in the Towns of Bethany and Woodbridge to be involved in a 5-year Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - funded tick management study at no cost to them. He is testing the effectiveness of an extremely low-dose treated bait for white-tailed deer and white-footed mice in killing ticks feeding on them (a similar strategy to treating your pets for fleas and ticks) and impacts to tick reduction and tick bite exposure in yards.  A. Mulvihill supported Dr. Williams's efforts by sharing information with QVHD’s Bethany and Woodbridge partners, Board of Directors in each town and posting to QVHD’s website. 

A. Mulvihill met with the School Based Health Centers (SBHC) Advisory Committee,

enrollment numbers are up at both SBHC locations. A new funding opportunity for expanding SBHCs was explored by A. Mulvihill and Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center (CSHHC).  CSHHC applied for this opportunity and received 3 out of 4 requests for expansion. CSHHC will utilize funding to expand services into Helen Street School, Ridge Hill School, and Dunbar Hill School. This will not be a QVHD grant and is separate from QVHD’s current 5-year grant; QVHD will support the initiative but is not involved in the grant and related work. 

K. Sepulveda is working on the Regional Suicide Advisory Board for a social media campaign to clarify myths, promote self-care and connect residents to resources. 

In March, QVHD hosted a training, “Caring for People Who Use Drugs” at the North Haven Library. 

K. Sepulveda continues to train community members for Naloxone and Narcan administration. 

A. Mulvihill asked the board to consider increasing resources to Community Health to sustain initiatives and staffing, and allow for the expansion of community health services, as multiple grants that support community health positions will ultimately end.  A. Mulvihill highlighted that K. Sepulveda and M. Mocarski have been essential to expanding services and resources in Community Health. 

A. Mulvihill and K. Amodio attended the North Haven Library Parent Resource Fair and provided information for Lead Prevention. 

The full report has been placed on file.


Environmental Health:  L. Fox, Chief of Environmental Services 

R Matheny informed the board that there is a major change in how food inspections will be done. A larger percentage of the sanitarian’s time will need to be allocated to do such work. 

CT’s adoption of the FDA food code went into effect on 2/16/23. It will take time for the Sanitarian’s to educate the food establishments about the changes.

C. Goldberg suggested Zoom Training for the Food Service Establishments. 

The New regulations need to be reviewed and approved by the board.

C. Goldberg urged the board to review the regulations that L. Fox sent to them for approval. 

The full report has been placed on file. 

Additional Comment Regarding Fit Test: 

P. Sandor researched the Fit Test and stated an official document will need to be obtained

through an Occupational Health Facility – Concentra through YNHH or DOC urgent care.



A motion to adjourn was made by S. Yarbrough, seconded by A. Levison at 6:05 pm.