BYO Hamden

Hamden's ordinance pertaining to single-use straws and checkout plastic bags goes into effect September 14, 2019. If you would like QVHD to send a friendly reminder to business establishments regarding the new ordinance, give us a call at 203-248-4528. 

The Town of Hamden is the fifth Connecticut town to pass town ordinances aimed to reduce plastic waste and protect the environment for the benefit and welfare of its residents.

QVHD joins the Town to address the economic, social justice, human health and environmental threats disposable plastic waste pose for residents.


Town of Hamden Single Use Straw & Plastic Bag Ordinance 

Press Release: Hamden's Plastic Bag & Single Use Straw Ban Effective September 14, 2019 

Frequently Asked Questions on the ordinance banning single-use plastic bags and straws in the Town of Hamden 

Application for Extension (Deferment)

BYO Consumer Guide

Notification letter to Hamden Business Establishment Owner/Operators Re: Regulation of Plastic Bags

Notification letter to Hamden Food Establishments Re: Single-Use Straw Ordinance