QVHD Connections: August Column

An Ongoing Crisis: Overdose Awareness Day

It seems that each day in the United States a troubling event occurs and makes national news. However, each day in the United States an equally troubling crisis takes place and in contrast to the wide-spread response some events generate, not enough people seem to be talking about the depth of the opioid crisis our country is currently drowning in.

A lost life every eight minutes to a drug overdose in our country, an average of 194 people each day. Over 70,000 deaths alone in 2017, a number that surpasses HIV, motor vehicle accidents & gun violence deaths at their peaks. Why is such a wide-spread issue so rarely discussed? One word: Stigma. Stigma is the discrimination against a person based on perceivable characteristics. Stigma is also what stands between countless individuals and treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, or what is also known as substance use disorder. We’re here to change that.

The opioid crisis knows no boundaries, impacting all communities, all ages and all loved ones. QVHD is dedicated to eliminating stigma surrounding mental health and substance use: striving to help our residents Connect Without Stigma to the resources they need. Many people fail to realize that opiates extend beyond just heroin and can also come in the form of a pain killer sitting in your family’s medicine cabinet within arms-reach. Opiates can be deadly.

Saturday, August 31st, 2019 is international overdose awareness day, a day dedicated to raising awareness, remembering those lost and supporting individuals and families still battling this disease.

QVHD and Supportive Solutions Behavioral Health & Wellness invite you to join us in our efforts as we work to provide support, hope and resources to all involved. The event will be held August 31st from 1-4PM on the North Haven Green. We hope to see you all there starting the conversation.



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Wednesday, July 10, 2019