Dates We Remember

August 22, 2017

Some dates have more meaning than other dates in our lives.  Anniversary dates, such as the day of marriage or the day a child was born or a dear one dies become markers of memories.  They can be a time of rejoicing and celebrating, or they can be a time to reflect and remember. July 11, 1989was such a date for our family.  A phone call brought the news of a head-on-crash between my sister’s car and a ten-wheel truck, leaving her comatose and on a respirator.  (Twenty-eight years later, she is well.) 

            To celebrate and rejoice in her life and to reflect and remember, I share this memory with “Ounce of Prevention” readers to bring you a message: Seat belts do save lives.  If it were not for the protection afforded her by her seat belt, and the grace of God, she would not be who she is today. 

            Most of us know the data about seat belts.  Studies and demonstrations with “crash dummies” have clearly illustrated why seat belts are important.  Yet some people still chose not to wear them.  Surveys show the main reason that people choose not to wear them is because they feel seat belts are too restrictive or uncomfortable.  Others cling to the notion that seat belts can actually harm you in an accident.  (This can be true if they are worn incorrectly.) 

            For those who remain unconvinced that seat belts are necessary or are too restrictive or uncomfortable, reflect for a moment on these questions:

_      How restrictive would it be to not be able to walk, talk, feed, bathe, dress, or drive yourself? 

_      How uncomfortable do you think it would be to have to learn to do the daily activities you do now all over again – like brushing your teeth, flushing the toilet, bathing, combing your hair, eating, talking, etc.? 

_      How restrictive would it be to be paralyzed for life? 

_      How uncomfortable would it be to learn how to do your job all over again (if you ever could relearn or do it)?

_      How uncomfortable would it be to lose your financial independence? 

_      How unnecessary to miss work, cause pain and anxiety to your family members, generate thousands of dollars in medical bills, and bring your whole life to a standstill (or maybe even an end) just because you didn’t like wearing a seat belt.  Don’t let the security of an air bag prevent you from wearing a seat belt. They are designed to use together!   

Please wear your seat belt. They can make the difference between life and death. For more information on seat belts, District residents can call QVHD, 203 248-4528 or request on line,