Healthy Walk n Talk

Walking can help to improve your health. It can aid in weight loss, improve breathing, improve circulation, strengthen bones, reduce stress, improve sleep and prevent or improve chronic diseases! QVHD held three walks in September & October of 2017, each walk lasted about an hour on an easy walking trail in one of our four towns. All ages and fitness levels were invited to participate. Community health professionals joined us on these walks, providing an opportunity to discuss general health issues and form a trustful connection with health providers. The walks also gave residents a chance to socialize with their neighbors, while embracing their towns local amentities.

While our walks for the fall of 2017 have already taken place, we encourage you to join us in the Spring of 2018. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming dates/locations. In the meantime, check out video re-caps of our three fall walks posted below! 

Healthy Walk n Talk North Haven Fall 2017 

Healthy Walk n Talk Hamden Fall 2017 

Healthy Walk n Talk Woodbridge Fall 2017 Coming Soon!